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This song was co-written in the countryside outside of Stellenbosch in South Africa where social entrepreneur and environmentalist Peter Shrimpton is building ‘The Great Labyrinth of Africa’ made up of indigenous spekboom trees.

We met at the site and talked about mutual interests and Mr. Shrimpton’s concerns with the environment and current state of affairs. We took notes, we played the xylophone and guitar, and we wrote a song.

Spekboom are very good at sequestering carbon, they are edible, and they have medicinal qualities. It is Peter Shrimpton’s wish to create a symbol, a work of land art and a big carbon sink at the same time – and everyone is invited to get involved. It is possible to sponsor a row of trees, to simply lend a hand, or get involved in other ways.

And the vision runs deeper yet, because all the trees are sourced from nurseries in local townships where ‘treepreneurs’ are creating sustainable businesses by propagating spekboom trees and getting them ready for the labyrinth and other markets. This initiative was also both thought out and carried out by Peter Shrimpton who runs the company Heart Capital with his partner Mandy Shrimpton.

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