Knowing the world through songwriting

I co-write songs with people from their experiences and concerns, such as living with the effects of climate change or living under unpredictable or precarious social conditions for instance influenced by the current pandemic. I work with all nationalities. The context of my current work is the climate and bio-diversity crises, and I have done work in and around Cape Town, South Africa – a climate change hotspot, while I am currently working with people around their experiences of living with Covid-19.

If you are concerned with climate change, the current unfolding pandemic, or other conditions around your immediate social or wider environment, and would like to share the story, I would like to try to write a song with you

No music skills or prior songwriting knowledge is necessary

It is not about writing the “best” or “prettiest” song but rather about letting one’s story be told in this way. Songwriting has been with us for millenia (always) and has a unique way of communicating. You may be surprised how seamlessly a conversation often can move into songwriting.

In the words of Canadian songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie, songs can be:

“more effective than a 400-page textbook: immediate and replicable, portable and efficient, wrapped in music, easy to understand by ordinary people”

If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in taking part in a co-writing session, please contact me directly at:

Please, visit the blogs and sharings tab on this page for different examples of the ongoing work.

All best wishes,

Martin Hoybye


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