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In Sutherland in the Karoo, South Africa, a long lasting drought has battered communities for years on end

In November 2019 I was invited to visit local farmer ‘Sieb’ and his daughter Janine on the farms ‘Vredehoek’ and ‘Rooikloof’ to see for myself the impact on the landscape and to hear their lived experiences of navigating a drought which has gone on for 6 years

This song was put together with Sieb and Janine’s words as they came out in conversation. Sieb also played the ‘melody game’ using dice, a C scale and serendipity to yield the starting point of our melody:


Thanks to:
Sieb, Hannetjie, Janine and Neelis for their extraordinary hospitality, and to Mette for additional footage, and to Ida for getting the gate.

More on the drought:…/2019-10-27-drought-drives-fa…/…/Karoo-farmers-battle-worst…/113…/drought-is-killing-sas-farm…


Famous for its vast, starlit skies (no light pollution) and Rooikloof has guest lodging so it is possible to book your next getaway here and support the local community:

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