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’The Hourglass Sessions’ is a journey through inner landscapes shaped by the hands of time. At times torn and jagged and at others blissful, abundant and lush. The forces of life and love are recurring sources that help refill the hourglass, so that it may be turned to make everything new again. 

Martin’s liner notes for the upcoming album:

I wanted to record an album about time and what time does to us. That time passes, and we go right along with it. I wanted to sing about the things that create meaning for me, hoping that they might resonate with others. That the songs might feel personal yet have a universality that would let others see themselves in them.

Family, my wife and three children in particular, meant a lot as a point of reference. Also, I was lucky to have my grandparents for a long time. They were incredibly colorful characters, and I learned a lot from them about life. Different friendships played their own inseparable part – and not least the ups and downs of life were a driving force and inspiration.

Most of the songs were written in the course of one rainy summer. A baby at one end of the spectrum and her grandparents that were getting old at the other end of the spectrum: I tried to write about everything in between. The songs are generally about living – sometimes against the odds. You could see them as a call for action. A call to seize the moment and hold on to each other at any cost and celebrate life.

Or, as it goes in the song ”All We Have”:

The finish line / Will get here soon enough / So stay close my love

Across the finish line / Let’s live until the end / With all we have