2016 saw the release of the album ‘For the World,’ and Martin Hoybye’s next effort ‘The Hourglass Sessions’ will hit the streets in 2019. In between his own releases he also devotes time to running the label Songcrafter Music along with business partner Roar Amundsen.

Hoybye has shared his time between Scandinavia and the US, recording and co-writing with other artists and ‘songcrafters.’ He released his debut album ‘East of November’ in 2002 to rave reviews in the US, and in Denmark where it was nominated for a Danish Music Award. His second studio album ‘From Here To Heaven’ came out in 2007, and later that year the singer/songwriter released his third studio effort ‘Building Memories,’ a collection of original Christmas songs.

— Experimental and traditional go hand in hand

The spring of 2011 saw the release of the experimental album ‘Songtronica,’ a songwriter-meets-electronica-project with Monsdrum, while ‘Night Like This’ came out in November the same year, taking the listeners on a tour of the new-country-landscapes Hoybye made his backyard for a number of years, working with songwriters in the US.

On his last album effort ‘For the World’ (2016) Martin explored ‘run-and-gun’ recording sessions at Aabyroad with producer Dennis Ahlgren, aiming to unlock the immediate potential of each song while letting it breathe, rather than trying to fit it into a mold or preconceived ideas about genre or form.

The playfully produced approach we hear on ‘For the World’ subsequently earned Hoybye a Danish Music Award nomination for ‘Songwriter of the Year’.

— Confessional songwriting

Martin Hoybye’s songs largely fall into the category of confessional songwriting, conveying authentic thoughts and feelings of a ‘life lived and lessons learned.’

The songsmith’s style has previously been described as that of R.E.M. meets Springsteen, but to the attentive listener the music of Tracy Chapman, Edie Brickell, and Chris Stapleton would likely also come to mind.

— Writing and co-writing across the world

Martin Hoybye has taught songwriting, released a book on the matter, and co-written songs with many established songwriters and artists across the world. Collaborators on some of his previous releases include: Kevin Welch, Jeff Cohen, Teitur, Chris Barron, and Pamela Oland. On ‘For the World’ Martin has co-written three tracks with Jeff Cohen, Wes Hutchinson, Lori Barth and Morten Bay.

— 2019 will see the release of the songwriter’s 7th album ’The Hour Glass Sessions,’ a collection of songs inspired by time

The songs on ’The Hour Glass Sessions’ touch upon a variety of themes and are bound together by a common musical setting and their textual orbit: Why are we here? What is important? What will we pass on?

When asked whether he has created a ’singing testament’ he laughs:

”You could say that. But the songs are generally about living – sometimes against the odds. So, in that sense I see it more like a call for action. A call to so seize the moment and find harmony with each other, with the world, as best we can,” says Martin Hoybye.